When logged in as the site administrator, and attempting to add a new user with a known valid email address, I get the following error

Email host lycos.com does not seem valid, it does not answer

I had to disable the Email Verify module in order to add this user.

Is there a configuration setting that I missed in setting up this module or is this a bug?


Priority:Normal» Critical

Issue is preventing the use of the Email Verify module, therefore the issue is being promoted from Normal to Critical.

Can this post on Yahoo help?


same probleme (not every times) with gmail or even an account with ovh. So sometimes it's impossible to create an account or to save informations when ou edit a profile. The module is a good idea but i think not usable in a live site.

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Status:Active» Closed (won't fix)

It seems that 5.x is no longer supported.