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my patch

Patch was a couple of lines off on my copy, but manually adding the one line of code in the patch worked for me.

This bug is caused by the undefined variable $node in (Line 366) and can be fixed by commenting out that line.
// $query->addExpression("'". $node['type'] ."'", 'bundle');

At some point in April (commit 26099e5) a performance patch was applied. The variable $node that was created prior to this line was removed, but they forgot to remove the reference to $node in the above line. So $node is basically not set prior to this.
The bundle will be set correctly on line 390 ($query->addExpression("'". $node['type'] ."'", 'bundle');), once $node is set.

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This is a simpler one.

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RTBC because of #3 (I didn't see it yesterday).

will this ever be fixed?

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Thanks! Committed in 9a2cf4c.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.