I am using video field embed to create a video field that is part of an node gallery. I allow an unlimited number of fields in the widget. In a view, I add video as a field and choose the thumbnail formatter. I've tried this with both normal and teaser video modes. Everything works great except that the thumbnail is blank, and if I try to view it I just get "Error generating image." It would be good if the YouTube thumbnail was available or even if there were just a default thumb that showed a video icon.


I had this same issue. It was my web server. You need to make sure your web server can communicate with the youtube servers.
Try it on a different server or local one.

Thanks! Can you point me to which server settings affect this?

I got it to work by enabling the "description" field on the field in the content type, and then setting the input format of that field to PHP filter. That seems really bizarre so I'm going to try to look at whether there's something I could patch to make it not depend on those settings.

Title:YouTube thumbnail is blank in view.YouTube thumbnail cannot be generated unless "description" field is enabled and evaluating PHP

I do not beleive it is connected to the description field at all.
What I have seen is that the module first tries to use the drupal api to get the image, if that fails it goes over to just using copy, however this would also fail considering the drupal api failed.
I think there just needs to be some improvement in the fallback or messaging of failure.

I encountered the same issue with the same module later, on a different project. I don't know what the server settings looked like because I was not privy to that information, but once again we had to enable the description field and allow it to evaluate PHP.

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