I was looking to use OAuth, but the module requires oauth_common. When I look at the that module's page http://drupal.org/project/oauth_common it says it has moved to OAuth. Is the dependency in services_oauth.info or ? Not really sure if this is a bug or the module is not ready for 7.x-3.


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Oauth common is still a module un the OAuth project.

Ah, OK. Perhaps the oauth project should be listed as a dependency too, since you need it? My thinking was that oauth_common was now oauth after reading:

"Version 3.x is an entirely new module, previously known as OAuth Common, that takes an extended approach to dealing with OAuth. Not compatible with older versions of the OAuth module."

from the oauth project page, and the dependency in services was not up to date (which was kind of troubling). There is nothing readily apparent saying there is a subproject named oauth_common inside oauth. It is unnecessarily confusing, imo. Maybe it is just me.

Title:oauth_common is a dependency, but is obsolete and doesn't have a distroConsider adding an empty oauth module that just depends on oauth_common
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I agree. Let's add a empty OAuth module that just depends on OAuth Common.

For some context, I posted this issue under the services module issue queue. It probably isn't clear from my messages that this was the context when I posted.

Please do it.
Now it's impossible to create a module with a dependence from OAuth module: if you add oauth_common as dependence the system look for the obsolete oauth_common. If you add as dependence oauth the module is correctly downloaded but is not finded (and the system try to download it in a infinite loop).