Doesn't consider the value generated by views php field

Since the value generated by the views_php field is used by most other modules and works fine, I think we should also support views_php. There are cases where you need to manipulate the values fetched by views. views_php does a good job. Using it in conjunction with Views calc would be of immense help.


I agree... it would be great if views calc could handle views_php fields...

Any news ?

Any plans on this? Would be VERY helpful..


Just for reference -- related ticket in the views_php issue queue:
#1558308: Views_PHP fields and filters not reflected in Views Calc totals

you can cheat the error generated by php value by adding another field, rewriting the output with the one of the php value field, then calculate whatever outcome for the new field. you will get rid of the error, but, at least for me, the sum is wrong.

did anyone tried this successfully?