the overlaps between ET and i18n continue to cause me no end of grief. wondering if limiting some of what ET does when it isn't being used would help?

for example, i am pretty sure if a node type is not set with: "Enabled, with field translation", then things like: "Filter comments per language" does not actually do anything. Is that correct?

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Title:ET UI alters shouldn't happen if node type isn't using ETI18n Taxonomy integration
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We need a far better integration with i18n_taxonomy, which right now is really confusing and not really working well. Attached there is a first stab at ensuring that at least the i18n_taxonomy and ET translation for taxonomy can work together.

We need an option in the vocabulary settings specifying that ET translation is enabled for that particular vocabulary.

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Status:Needs review» Active

Committed and pushed #1. Back to active.

I think we should simply define a 5th option in the vocabulary translation settings, explictly enabling ET for that particular bundle (we need to add a bundle callback for taxonomy).

I agree. It would be amazing to have the same functionality as the node entity translations.
This would make the functionality generic and much easy-er to understand.
So an fifth option in the translation settings of the taxonomy vocabulary should be the best option.

This makes the import (with feeds) of multilingual taxonomy terms possible. You have to make a lot of custom functionality to make this happen now.

If I can help in any way, let me know.