Is the Pathauto/Redirect integration supposed to support a bulk update of URL aliases? If not, please disregard the below.

It seems very unclear after trawling through the many confused issues about this... It should probably be clarified somewhere.


The create redirect on update functionality doesn't seem to be working for me.

I'm using;

Pathauto 7.x-1.1
Redirect 7.x-1.0-beta4

... and I've got the following settings in Pathauto;

Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact.
Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning.
Create a new alias. Delete the old alias.

I've got 'Automatically create redirects when URL aliases are changed' selected in Redirect.

I'm trying to change the aliases on 12,000 nodes, and was expecting to be able to do this using bulk update or deleting them and then re-creating them. However, when I do either of these, it doesn't create the redirect. By the looks of things, I'm missing this "Create a new alias. Redirect from old alias" option in Pathauto - or has that just been replaced with the settings in Redirect?

If I manually edit an existing alias, it creates a redirect to the old path, so something's working...

Any help would be appreciated.


You'll want to use the option "Create a new alias. Delete the old alias."

Note that deleting and re-creating will never allow redirects to be created because you would destroy the possible paths to redirect from by doing the delete. Redirecting should work if you are bulk updating.

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Hi Dave,

Thats the setting that I have it on, however I can't bulk update if the paths are already aliased - I just get the message;

'No new URL aliases to generate'

Nor does it generate a redirect if I update the URL aliases through admin|content.

Is this related to; #1002854: Automatically create redirects when URL aliases are changed by PathAuto doesn't work

(I've updated to Pathauto 7.x-1.x-dev)

This seems to be very unclear on the Redirect issues; http://drupal.org/project/issues/redirect?text=pathauto&status=All

You cannot bulk update from the Pathauto screen - you can only update items that have not yet been aliased. To bulk update, you would go to admin/content/node and use the 'Update URL alias' action (or this is also available if you use Views Bulk Operations). If updating via admin/content/node is not working, do you have the Pathauto Persist module enabled?

To clarify; the aliases update ok when I bulk update them via admin/content/node, however the redirects aren't created to the old alias. Using persist hasn't changed this.

The only way that redirects are created are if I manually update the alias.

Seems like there's no answer for this, as seems to be the case with everyone who's asked. It need to be clear as to whether you can bulk update/redirect aliases with Pathauto/Redirect...

Anyways, for anyone else looking to do this; I ended up doing it in the DB. I exported (the existing) 'url_alisas' & (with a test redirect in to check structure) 'redirects' in CSV, then copied the aliases into the redirects (obviously obeying the different table structure) and then deleted the url aliases.

I then created my new pattern and bulk created the aliases. Job done... redirect finds the nid, nid finds the new path.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Dave Reid answered you at #4: you need to bulk update from the admin/content/node or perform a bulk operation. I have done a bulk alias update operation and got all my redirects created and working correctly.

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Possibly not a bug, just lack of functionality.