Ive created a second content type so my site has two content types that can be used as forums. When I create a node of the second content type, it appears in the advanced forum but is styled differently to the original forum content type (see attached image).

It doesnt show the number of replies and views and has this text:
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Same problem, subscribe.

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Give me steps to reproduce the problem so I can check it out.

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I should have specified, ideally I would use a new taxonomy for the new content type so the steps are:

Create a new content type called 'Forum 2'.

Create a new taxonomy vocabulery called 'Forum 2'

Add a term field for the new content type for the new taxonomy vocabulary.

Now I would like the new content type to have the same styling (see image in my original post) as the default forum content type has.


Not as good for me but another option would be for the new content type to share the original vocabulary. So the steps would be:

Create a new content type called 'Forum 2'.

Add a term field for the new content type for the taxonomy vocabulary 'Forum'.

As you can see from the attached image in this post the styling and term pages dont treat the 2 content types the same way.


You are missing some steps here. I can't replicate your problem.
How do you make another content type to appear in AF?

You can contact me privately to avoid spamming issue queue.

If the new content type uses the same default vocabulary then its nodes will appear on the term page they are tagged with. However the styling isnt the same. You can see this in the image in my original post.

Does that answer everything? Thanks

What would be really great for me is if I could have the advanced forum styling (of vocabulary and term pages etc) for a new content type that also used a new vocabulary. In my mind this would extend Drupal's modular approach to this module. Ive no idea how many people would benefit from this or how much work it is so I hope im not coming across as ungrateful.

Has this been resolved? #4 looks like this has been taken private. If it's fixed, please mark it so.

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This will have to wait some better time.

subscribe! Same here... as #4

I am also having this issue.

I'm trying to create a new Content Type of "Club News" so users can add news and have the post show up in the News forum category.

No solution? :(

I am having exactly the same issue, any solution pls?