In themes like Rubik, the short #description for a form field is turned into a callout box, which appears on hover over the form. When webform puts the whole of theme('webform_token_help') in the callout box for such themes, it's pretty much unreadable: see attached screenshot.

I appreciate it's easy to dismiss this as a theme-specific issue, but there's also an argument that suggests that field descriptions shouldn't contain so much content anyway, and it might be best putting this as a #markup element elsewhere on the form. Also, it could end up repeating multiple times, leading to hugely inflated markup. Would it be best to just have it once on the admin form, as a footnote?

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Indeed it can lead to a lot of markup (especially if you have the horrid "Entity Tokens" module enabled), but from a usability standpoint it makes sense to have the tokens near the field that they affect. Until there's a better token UI, this is pretty much what we're stuck with.

I'd encourage Rubik to do a simple check on the length of the #description property and not automatically display it as a tooltip if it contains too much content (say more than 200 characters). Rubik fails repeatedly in a lot of places besides Webform when too much help text is present.