So I am using automatic nodetitles to hide the title field in the node creation forms and to generate a default title. Unfortunately the default title is changed when I edit the node. Here's what happens -

1. On my Article content type I select 'Automatically generate the title and hide the title field'
I leave the 'Pattern for the title' textarea blank.

2. I create an Article node.

3. I view the created node and it has title 'Article'

4. I then go to the edit page for the node and click save. It doesnt matter whether Ive made any changes or not.

5. I then view the created node again and now it has the title 'Article 3'. 3 being the node id.

So the default title has now changed and my nodes dont appear right as I can't have 'Article 3' or 'Article 54321', etc... appearing on the page.


I don't think Drupal likes blank titles. And I don't think "Manage display" will hide the title. So you can either change the theme template or use CSS to hide it.

I have also run into this in a more "normal" way. I'm using the Serial module to add a serial counter to the nodes. Then I have the ANT pattern set to "SP-[node:field_serial]". It worked fine when I initially created the node, but when I edited it, the token went away, so it changed the node title (and alias) to "SP-".

I guess that, since this module hasn't been touched in a year, I'm going to have to write my own code.

It seems that is the successor to ANT and definitely fixes this issue.

I've tried that module as well but i still haven't seem to have got it to work how would I go about doing this? which tokens should i use?

Thanks in advance