I've created some forums and I added some topic per forum.
Then i created a page display in the advanced_forum_topic_list; it works but it show "this topic has been moved to 'forumname'" instead of the summary of the topic.
I can't group by any field too.

EDIT: I can group by field, but i can't understand how to show the teaser instead of 'this topic has been moved to'



advanced_forum_topic_list has its own custom style provided by the advanced_forum_plugin_style_forum_topic_list class.

One of the functions in that class - get_forum_ids() - tries to work out what the forum ID(s) for the current page are.

The theme preprocessing in template_preprocess_advanced_forum_topic_list_view.inc compares the forum each topic is assigned to (topic_actual_forum) with the forum id(s) as provided by the get_forum_ids() function. The purpose of this is to identify topics which have been moved to other forums (shadow topics) and leave a sign post in the old location so visitors can find the topic in its new location.

As far as I can see, the problem you're having edubacco, is that the page display you've created with advanced_forum_topic_list doesn't seem to actually represent any one forum, so every topic appears to belong elsewhere.

I believe you should be able to prevent every topic from showing up as a 'shadow' by editing the settings of "Style: Forum topic list" for your page display, and setting 'Source of forum ID:' to none.

However, I've not tried this. Please let us know if it works for you.

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Changing to support request, as this is a config tweak for an extra page display added to one of AF's views, and therefore not a bug.

my specific issue was related to taxonamy access control, forum access and taxonomy working in collusion to thwart my users best efforts; specifically during any insert or update nodeapi operation. So i hacked up AF to check to ensure a forum record existed if a term_node record existed because i think they should be in sync for forum node types. if the forum record was deleted, i recreated it from the info in term_node.

but take this with a grain of salt. my site has nearly 100 modules attempting to work together so i could have gotten this all wrong.

Thank mcdruid for your reply.
Yes, my page display doesn't represent any forum, because i show post from various forums.
It worked for me setting 'source of forum ID' to none

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solved a minor problem, and updating the description of the main problem.

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Glad it worked.

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i resolved this deleting an 'override this field', but i don't remember which.

This is weird - after some module updates, I got simillar problem, but AF writes this topic has been moved to "" without name of destination. I must do this from #2 - prevent every topic from showing up as a 'shadow' by editing the settings of "Style: Forum topic list" for your page display, and setting 'Source of forum ID:' to none.

After that, AF is working OK again.

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