I've installed seotools using a drush make file for Drupal 7.14 and aegir hostmaster-6.x-1.8. The xmlsitemap subdirectory is created in the proper place (/path-to-platform/sites/domain-name/files/xmlsitemap/) and is owned by "aegir.www-data". The xmlsitemap cache directory is created in this subdirectory, but is owned by "aegir.aegir", so consequently the directory isn't writeable by the apache user until I manually change the group owner to www-data.. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a configuration issue on my end or if there's a simple work-around.


same problem here, but I think this is problem of aegir, not the sitemap module....

anything new?

Project:Drupal SEO Tools» Hostmaster (Aegir)
Version:7.x-1.0-alpha5» 6.x-1.8

Aegir problem or xmlsitemap's ?

not sure. dir is created thorugh file_prepare_directory with these flags: FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY | FILE_MODIFY_PERMISSIONS

maybe aegir should check permission in files directories every 10 cron runs.

set user to aegir:www-data for files -R
and check permissions.

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