I just had a hard time trying to figure out why, after uninstalling pasteformat, I kept getting error messages "Failed clean-up on paste, please contact your site administrator" when pasting text. Turns ouf if you don't disable the pasteformat Ckeditor plugin before disabling/uninstalling paste format you always get those error messages when pasting into text formats that previously had pasteformat enabled.
I don't know if that's easily doable but it would definitely be better if the uninstall routine could just disable the Ckeditor for any textformat where it was enabled.

The solution if you're stuck with this error: just re-install pasteformat and disable the Ckedtior pasteformat plugin. Then you can safely uninstall the pasteformat module.


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Thank you for the time to describe this issue. I got the idea and now I'm in the process of finding a solution for this issue... To me it looks like the CKEditor module (ow WYSIWYG if you are using CKEditor through WYSIWYG) itself should handle this situation (as it knows about the registered plugins through the provided hook and should be able to determine the situation when the plugin is gone but is still enabled).

I will look deeper into this and see if I can somehow affect it during the disable or uninstall routine.


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It appears that CKEditor module stores profile settings in DB as a serialized array - touching it from another module would be a hack, so I will change this issue queue to the CKEditor module issue queue.

So here we go - need help with this one. I think that CKEditor module itself should handle this situation - disable plugins that are not available (module providing this plugin is disabled, but the plugin.js is still available - this plugin.js tries to contact the menu link that doesn't exist as the module was disabled).



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Hmmm i've never think about this on that way...
I will try to fix it asap and write here info about it.

Probably review will be needed to confirm that everything works fine after fix...


Title:Unset Ckeditor-Plugin upon uninstalling[D7] Unset Ckeditor-Plugin upon uninstalling
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Ok i fix it and commit to GIT (diff).
When someone uninstall any module i check all profiles and remove not available plugins.

Pls update to last DEV version and write does it help or not.



Thank you for a quick fix on this. Yes, I have just tested and it works fine if you run the uninstall routine of the module implementing the plugin - but it doesn't work yet if you just disable the module (then the hook_menu is already gone, but your new code is not yet executed).

So here is my suggestion - can we change to the hook_modules_disabled() instead of hook_modules uninstalled() ?
Another side note would be that the diff shows 4 blank symbols as indentation while Drupal code standard stands for 2 blank symbols.

Thanks again.

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@duozersk, txt for your quick reply nad review. I think we can also add option with hook_modules_disabled()
I must only do something with option, when someone disable module (then plugin from module is removed) and want to activate it again - then plugin if was enabled before in profile (before remove) it should be enabled automatically again... So i must think how to do that and rebuild a little bit more code to support this option.

Yes I know about Drupal code standards - after this patch i reformat hole CKEditor module and commit changes to GIT.


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I commit changes to GIT (diff).

I've add plugins enabling/disabling in CKEditor profiles after action of modules enabling/disabling.
Plugin is enabled again only if was enabled before module disabling.

Pls update to last DEV version to review this.
If sth not work pls write here.


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