I have to develop an DrupalChat & OG integration for client, but there is no way to do that without hacking DrupalChat module. I added few lines to this module, to achieve what I needed.

Basically, it just invokes specific hook now which can be defined by other modules to supply list of additional chatrooms. It is possible to have a proper implementation for existing "Public Chatroom" feature using this too.

If this gets added to module, I can also publish small additional module I created - "DrupalChat OG Integration". It allows to have an online chat with organic group you have been added to.



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Patch for latest 7.x-1.x branch attached

Awesome! Thank you so much for submitting this patch! :)

bump ;)

Can it create default chartrooms (like public) for whatever organic group the user is in? any chance we could see this patch for 6.x-2?

this patch allows other modules to "inject" chatrooms exacly the public one.

Organic groups chat is different feature, it's a side module I created but have not published as it requires for this patch to be applied.

Please provide that side module too :)

can we get this trough, please?

this patch is not working for me, i need it to create individual chat rooms for each organic group and this patch is not creating any additional room on my site. please help :(

@k91s71n4 "this patch is not working for me" -> read the issue summary and comment #5

can we get this trough, please?

Hi. How your patch is supposed to work ? You said "this patch allows other modules to "inject" chatrooms exacly the public one. "
I mean, i applied the patch but i see no difference in the administration panel, nowhere. I'd like to add others public rooms by default but i dont see how to do that.

hi , I applied the patch and the OG rooms appeared, but also the users appear in the chat, What should I do if I only want to show the OG chatrooms?


@k91s71n4 - public chat, it's unrelated with this issue, but i think there should be "Public Chatroom" setting in module that toggles this.

@arnaudbey - There's nothing in UI for that, it's a minor change that allows you to inject chatrooms using custom module. This patch basically just adds "module_invoke_all" that allows you to use hook to define new chatrooms.

It's been quite a time since i was working on this so i don't remember exactly.

this stopped working after upgrading the module. WHat should I do?