We've been building an Adaptive Theme for deployment on multiple sites. We've build the theme/layouts etc., which we want to use across all of the sites, however the time has come to deploy them on the different sites, and we obviously want to change the theme names for the respective sites.

I've changed theme names multiple times on different themes in the past (changing the folded, .info name/contents, replacing references to the theme name in template.php, etc.), however Adaptive Theme doesn't like it.

I've changed everything I can think of (including re-generating the 'generated_layout' files, however it's not loading the styles/layout. Also, it keeping the old theme in the appearance page, even though it doesn't exist anymore, which I've never seen.

I've obviously flushed the cache fully a few times and the browser cache.

What am I missing?



Adam, without seeing the installation I can't really know what the problem might be. AT doesnt really do anything special on this front, so renaming should go as expected. The one thing I might have thought of was caching, because this theme does heavy caching well beyond what Drupal core provides - but you have cleared the main cache tables so thats not the problem.

I wonder if this is a matter of file management, or something going on with GIT etc (if you are using a version control system). Possibly somehow folders became nested or multiple info files with different names, perhaps something like that?

Thanks, Jeff.

I'll try it again and see if somethings been missed or the cache hasn't flushed properly and report back.

I've realised what the issue(?) was with the old theme name still being in appearance, by looking at the installation which we've been building the theme on...

In the installation (that we haven't changed names or anything there's the following in the appearance page;

The 'enabled and default' theme;
Title: Our Theme 7.x-3.0-rc6
Desc: Our description
Icon: AT subtheme

Disabled theme;
Title: Our Theme
Desc: Our description
Icon: AT core

This is in addition to the AT Core and AT Admin theme disabled.

Is this normal?

This was what was causing the 'the old theme name is still there', as I spotted this because the old one that was left didn't have the '7.x-3.0-rc6' in the title.

If I enable the 'disabled one', it doesn't load any style/layout.


I know what the problem is, its a bug in rc6 that is fixed in the dev theme.

Its because of the additional info file saved in the generated_files directory, this is like a backup copy of the info file and theme settings - if you remove this or change the extension so its a .txt file things should work.

In the dev version this file gets saved as a txt file to avoid this issue.

You should really upgrade to dev and make sure everything is OK by the way - there are a lot of changes I'm afraid, especially if you are using the CSS Unset feature - you should take note if you have used this feature because the settings names had to change (its a performance thing actually) and your settings will be lost when you upgrade.

Thanks, that fixed the duplicate theme.

I'm still having fun with this. I've renamed the theme from scratch again, emptied all of the cache tables in the directly, flushed it from performance and run cron. I've then deleted the generated_files and reconfigured the settings in appearance to regenerate them. Everything seemed to be fine except...

It's loading all of the global styles, however, on the desktop and tablet landscape views, the is about 10px wide, across the whole site, rendering all text/content vertically. Looking higher up in Firebug, , and are all the full width.

Once the browser is re-sized to tablet portrait and smaller, everything is fine.

All of the files for responsive.desktop/tablet-landscape are in place and are being declared in the header, along with their media queries.

Status:Active» Fixed

Fixed now.

I'm almost too embarrassed to say what the problem was, but, when re inputting the theme settings (where we define our sidebars in px), they had been left on %, and the sidebar 1 was set at 320%.

It's been a long week...

Thanks for your help anyway.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Version:7.x-3.0-rc6» 7.x-3.1
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It seems this problem is back in 3.1


The file is not being saved as txt anymore.

Version:7.x-3.1» 7.x-3.x-dev
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Its fixed in DEV.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.