Any plans for a superfish integration in this theme? I see the wordpress skeleton demo has superfish working. It would be nice if it were integrated.

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I have the same request, there i would use "nice menu" or "superfish" but currently these modules creates a graphical error in the main menu when using.

Thx, if possible in next version

Can you be more specific? Maybe post a link to an example image? I've noticed with superfish that the only real fix you need is to override the CSS yourself.

You can see here the superfish menu in action. In main menu, if you hover the second item, a dropdown menu of the child items show up.

I am also missing this feature.

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enabling superfish creates a horrible looking menu. Clicking the second option reveals 2 submenu items, but for that the menu is continuously expanded according to the attached pic.

I love this theme and i'd love the ability to use Superfish in a normal way.


Title:dropdown menus?Superfish module support (dropdown menus)
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next Skeleton theme release 7.x-1.2 will come with Superfish module support.


Thank you George, it's great to read that someone is working on this issue. Thumb up :-)


Thanks for working on this... I look forward to seeing how well it integrates.

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I do need this functionality as well...
BTW, why for Skeleton, even if the drop down menu is able to be added on the left side bar, why not able to collapse them?


Help, please.

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Does anyone know when 7.x-1.2 will come out? I would like this feature as well.

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+1 When is this 7.x-1.2 coming out with this fix? Really need this so I can use this theme! Thanks!

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+1 We also really need this feature and will have to switch to another template if the new version doesn't come out soon. I've been trying to figure out how to adjust the styling of the menu to accommodate drop-downs but have been unsuccessful. Thanks for an other-wise great template!

Skeleton 7.x-1.2 will be released in the next few days and will come with Superfish module support (and simple CSS drop-down menus support) as I have already implemented it.


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All changes are already committed and will be included in next Skeleton theme release. I will also prepare a mini-documentation for this.

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