The Spark demo site lives at

With anyone able to login and have a play with the new functionality it can get very messy, cluttered, confusing and broken very quickly. I have a couple of suggestions to help with this:

a) Each visitor is shown their own copy of the demo site.

b) The current single copy of the site is retained but it will automatically reset(/reinstall) itself to a default state at the end of every day. I would suggest a countdown timer in the corner to inform users how long remains until the reset.

Option (a) could be implemented in a multitude of different ways, however as time is probably better spent elsewhere at present I would suggest opting for option (b) for now.


Yeah, when we get back from DrupalCon craziness, we'll try and do something with this. For now though we'll just try and check in every once in awhile and un-screw it up. :)

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I might try and take this on this sprint.

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I didn't get around to this last sprint, unfortunately. Will try again this sprint after I roll a new Spark alpha release.

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We ended up ditching the demo site, so this is fixed. ;)