I'm seeing that the number of topics and posts display as zero.

I disabled the AF module, and the topics and post numbers are displaying correctly. Enabling AF again turns them back to zeros.

Attached is a screenshot for reference.

Thanks, in advance, for any thoughts you might have.

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I was able to get the correct numbers exposed by using the 2.0 recommended release vs. the dev release (testing with the last 2 dev releases without luck.)

If you want to test, try installing Drupal 7.x-dev and AF 7.x-dev

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I believe 7.x-dev will work just fine with upcoming Drupal 7.16.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Using Drupal 7.19 and AF 7.x-2.0+26-dev, I got zero's for my topic and posts count. Disabling AF does show the correct numbers. Pls help.

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Just installed AF and having same issue with Drupal 7.23+20-dev and AF 7.x-2.3 and Dev. Treid a defualt theme just to make sure but same results. All statistics and permissions have been checked.

Hmm so this is not a common issue or are there not enough people using AF to have this problem?

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Even I have the same problem. anyone find the solution. plz share...

After the update from today , i have the same problem. The number of posts and topics are not counted and displayed.
Anyone have an idea to resolve the problem.