Roadmap for 1.11 release

Roadmap for 1.12 release

This list is subject to change.

  • OpenChurch Activity RSS - Just add an RSS feed called /activity-stream.rss maybe that is a view that lists all content on the site (not pages or webform but podcasts, blogs, etc.).
  • Add jplayer to podcast page (finally!) - Will have to wait for it to be whitelisted -
  • Replace Calendar module with FullCalendar module. Add some kind of instructions for administrators to integrate with google calendar (more info here:


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adding new issues to 1.11

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adding new header style

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updating tickets

How this coming? I work with a lot of churches and might be able to help out. It looks like jplayer has been whitelisted, so that's good.

What needs to happen with the other two items in the 1.12 release?

They probably got moved up - what other items were there?

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Interesting, I like it. I had to clean up a few things. I think I will add some more content quick links but that should be it. I wonder if those quick links will just hide themselves if a module gets disabled.

I'm interested in using the RedHen CRM framework to develop a member/visitor contact tracking app for OpenChurch. Our church is in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of our website and may be open to the possibility of using Drupal/OpenChurch. Is anyone interested in helping develop a requirements document?

@dud4linux Can you give an executive summary on how it would work exactly?

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Postponing any feature updates for the time being

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Updating issues

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