I'm getting this error when running Drush on my server:

drush -r /srv/www/afd42.com/builds/current -l afd42.com -y updb
PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare libraries_drush_command() (previously declared in /srv/www/sites/afd42.com/builds/v1.0.0-alpha.8/profiles/sfera/modules/contrib/libraries/libraries.drush.inc:13) in /srv/www/sites/afd42.com/builds/v1.0.0-alpha.8/profiles/sfera/modules/libraries/libraries.drush.inc on line 25

The lines in question are these:
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This makes no sense. Any ideas?

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As I can see you have moved 'libraries' module from modules/contrib/libraries to modules/libraries or vice versa, right?
If so just flush your caches and the problem should go away.
Feel free to reopen if the problem occurs again.

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Another try at the URL.