How is it possible to have a profile box view on the side of each post? I want it to have the users nick on the side of the post, and under each nick more information of the user


See Author Pane module.

Yes I have installed this, and added it to drupal using filezilla, and put authorpane under modules. I have activated authorpane in on my homepage.. but it has not been activated on the forum, and I cant find out where to edit the information that is supposed to be on the profile box.

If you're using Advanced Forum, it should show up automatically; otherwise, there is a block in Admin > Site Building > Blocks (D6) or Structure > Blocks (D7) that must be enabled manually.

See also Author pane documentation.

I have now been into admin/block, and tried to put the "author pane block" onto different block structures, but I cant get it to be beside the post..