To accomplish their goals, the Security Team has been organized into the following roles:

Security Team Lead

The security team lead is the point person for the team, is responsible for ensuring the security team has the tools and resources necessary to function smoothly, and for pushing debates toward a decision and sometimes making decisions when consensus doesn't arise.

The current security team lead is Michael "mlhess" Hess, until November, 2015 (read the announcement).

Security Team Coordinators

Security team coordinators ensure that there is a dedicated responder assigned each week, assign high-priority issues to security team members, help track team progress, suggest and implement changes to the team workflow to better support team members.

The current security team coordinators are:

Weekly Security Team Responders

Weekly responders on the security team are responsible for validating incoming reports, creating issues on to track valid problems, assigning reporters and maintainers to issues, and handling communication to reporters for the week. The weekly schedule for responders is on the private s.d.o site.