We have some designs for the Dashboard, and some prototypes of the way the action links work, however it feels like the spec for what's in the dashboard might still be a bit murky and benefit from prototyping and user testing.

Assigning to Kevin to see what he thinks.


Preston So has prototyped the add-find-organize-configure widget and Dharmesh Mistry has tested it but some additional design work needs to be done on the content panes as well as the customize-in-place functionality.

Preston and Dharmesh are both on vacation now but the prototype and test results will be posted here next week.

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We are de-prioritizing this for now; focused instead on Drupal 8 build-out of existing Spark features, rather than taking on new features.

Title:[Design] Prototype and user test the DashboardPrototype and user test the Dashboard
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Jiggering status.

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Restoring tag for history.

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Dashboard got removed from core, so this is no longer a priority for us.