other components uninstalled fine, but watchdog gives a WSOD on uninstall, therefore preventing uninstallation of mongodb

Restoring the website from backup "solved" the problem.

I know this module is intended only for elite coders, but adding a few hints of documentation, would be a good idea. Like for example how to really use field storage.
When trying drush-migrate prepare command I get the "mongo class not found error" even though php info shows the php mongo extension to be activated.

I would really be interested in using the module, but I don't know how to create a basic article node in mongodb. I tried to look the field storage submodule from the code, but without more explanations I don't get it.

Also I would really like to know, if I switch to mongodb, I have to use entityfieldquery views, in this case can I still use Draggable Views and Editablefields modules? because if the other modules don't work, it means it's probably better to just do nodejs+mongodb and skip the drupal part for that kind of website.