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Last updated: August 31, 2012 - 13:21

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.2:

  • #1555374 by pcambra: Fixed missing feeds plugin error for good.
  • #1705790 by forssto: Loading product entities one by one in product reference mapper is terribly slow.
  • Added logs for existing processors.
  • #1611420 by iMiksu, pcambra: Added log message when importing commerce products.
  • #1459924 by Staratel | frixos12: Fixed Error after updating to the latest dev version.
  • Minor fix for coupon processor
  • #1532796 by mr.baileys: Validate the product SKU upon import.
  • #1553200 by pcambra, jhr: Commerce_feeds_example() .info file
  • #1600818 by pcambra, wgsimon: Fixed Price:Currency mapping before Price:Amount mapping overwrites currency with default value.
  • #1426606 by pcambra: Support multicurrency prices import
  • #1436374 by pcambra: Trim price spaces
  • #1429894 by Bobík: Fix target element entity
  • Include Commerce Coupon support
  • #1391868 by pcambra, dema502: Fix for 'invalid input syntax for integer' error
  • #1364992 by rszrama: Tax rate help text on Settings for Commerce Product processor
  • #1188994 by pcambra, twistor, smokinggoat: Accumulative product reference mapper
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