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I am struggling to call a node field (%node:field_documentacion) from one of the fields of a fieldable panel pane. Is this possible at all? I am using Full HTML for that field but I don't find an equivalent option to the Custom content panes "Use a context keyword".
Maybe being the fieldable pane a separate entity I should use a different syntax?
Thanks a lot for any help


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You want one field to refer to another field using a token? It sounds like you might want the token_formatters module.

Thanks merlin, but that didn't do it. Maybe the error lies in my approach, I'll try to explain it so maybe you can better help me. I have a content type with many different fields. I would like to organize all that info in squares, depending on its nature. Therefore, I need three fields making each group which I can work with with CSS, and which will show for every node of that content type.
That's why I chose fieldable panels panes, but the problem arises when I try to call those fields (from the original content type) from the fieldable panel pane, using for example %node:field_description . This syntax works fine from a custom content pane, but not from the fieldable panel pane.
With the token_formatters module I was only able to reference a specific node.
I'll thank you very much for any orientation

Ultimately the problem here isn't really related directly to fieldable panel panes -- it's an issue with fields in general. You want the text in one field to be able to reference tokens in other fields, I'd be shocked if there isn't a contrib solution for that *somewhere*, but the problem is finding it.

Hello again,

I have installed the token_filter module, and I was quite close to getting it right. I don't think the problem is with fields, but rather with the tokens regarding nodes. I say so because [current-page:title] and [date:long] both work, but neither [node:title] nor [node:content-type:name] do.
It seems there have been some people with the same problem as me (http://drupal.org/node/1321410), but whereas they seemingly worked it out with the latest dev version of token_filter, I haven´t been able to do it.
I'll appreciate a lot if you have any other suggestion, and I thank you again for your help.

a fieldable panel panel is not a node, and this may ultimately be the problem; it may understand 'current node' but not an entity such as fieldable panel panes. :( In which case, there may not be a solution that doesn't involve modifying or extending that module.

Out of curiousity, what about tokens starting with 'entity:'? (You'd need to have entity.module and its entity_token module) for that. It may still not work, but I'm not sure.

I wasn't able to do ti with entity either, so I have decided to change route and use custom panes and mini-panels.
Thank you for your help anyway

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Thanks for the pointer to token_filter.

I've created a token_filter #1321410: Is [node:title] a valid token? patch to add the node (everywhere :/).

I somehow expected %node:title tokens to be picked up too somehow.

What is better for getting the current node? This is from that patch which just tests for

case 'page_manager_node_view_page':
$node = $caller['args'][0];
$data['node'] = $node;

Shouldn't token be aware of panels contexts somehow. Then probably panels token system becomes available for token_filter?