The one problem I've always found training people how to use MiniPanels is that the local tasks look like a breadcrumb trail. This really needs to be changed. The main Page Manager functionality uses vertical tabs, so changing to that UX would be idea, but almost *anything* else would be better.


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Alternative display ideas:

  • "primary-actions" or "secondary-actions" tabs.
  • Right-aligned with a different separator, e.g.:

I realize that the bigger issue right now is that the Mini Panels UX is built as a CTools wizard and that the longer-term goal of Mini Panels would be to rebuild the UX completely, but I strongly believe that tweaking this one interface element would go a huge way to improving the life for people new to using Mini Panels.

Status:Active» Needs review
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This patch works with my patch on #1300562: More control over wizard trail theming to implement my second idea from #1 above.

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Rerolled. (i.e. bumping :)

This problem has had me scratching my head for hours today and I'm amazed it's an issue that was first reported in 20... 2010? I think? Anyway, please let this fix be included, Merlin :)