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This problem occurs when creating new group content using Entityreference Prepopulate. If you're a member of the group and have permission to use the Administrator portion of the complex widget then the group passed via the URL will be set as the default value for both the Default AND the Administrator input elements. This causes an error on save when you have cardinality for the field set to 1.

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Patch is big because it also includes moving field definition to own include file.

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Awesome; thanks for your super-speedy work on OG, Amitaibu.

Note that due to #1786176: non-member could post within group using the creat link block I have moved the integration code to er-prepopulate. You need to pull latest dev from both modules.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Have these changes been rolled into the most recent release versions of these modules?