The daily calendar is only showing a subset of the events for a given day.

As an example, the monthly calendar shows all events properly
( See the list of events on 16 September on this page - ).

The daily calender is only showing a subset of those events
( see this page - )


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Interesting, I am guessing maybe some issue with repeating events. Are the events that aren't showing - repeating events?

Yes they are repeating events. In our case the overwhelming majority of our events are repeating.

The thing is that some of the repeating events show on the day calendar and some don't.

Also, it's not rendering the time frame correctly on the daily calendar. The blocks that are drawn on the daily calendar for a repeating event seem to always occupy about an hour and 15 minutes of space (whether the event is longer or shorter).

Version:7.x-1.11-alpha7» 7.x-1.11-alpha2
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I am trying to repeat a weekly event (example: testing) here every Tuesday. I set the options to repeat until Dec, but it doesn't show the repeating dates on the calendar.

I am guessing I need to edit the calendar view to recognize repeating dates.

We need to focus in on what type of event isn't repeating correctly.

I did a simple test case (attaching pic) of a weekly repeating event and it shows up on the calendar correctly.

Also something you might want to play around with is this calendar -

I am going to take a look at it as well.

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Also I am updating calendar and date to see if that makes any difference

The repeating events are working fine on my local box, I am going to have to do some more testing. I also have the latest version of OC, so I need to I guess see if alpha2 it was broken.

I am seeing a lot of repeating events at, @hedgehog can you give me an example of an event that should be showing up that isn't?

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I'm not sure whether this helps, but I had the problem where repeating events were displaying all on the same day.

I changed the Contextual Filter for the Date field so that 'Add multiple value identifier' was set to yes, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

The calendar does not use a filter so that option isn't available. I see repeating events without any changes when I test locally. I will leave this in postponed until I hear otherwise.

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