I've managed this website since 2010 with no problems.
Since today I can't post a simple node, I can write the title and the body with no problem but when I preview or publish the body disappears. I've tried with Safari and the node is published correctly, so I think it might have something to do with recent Firefox releases? This is the website: http://tinyurl.com/8hfv43b

Any fix?


This is strange .. I'm noticing the same behavior. Body disappears, but other CCK fields etc are successfully stored in the database. When i log in and edit with Chrome there are no issues. So it does seem to have something to do with Firefox .. i'm on 15.0.1

I'm on Firefox 15.0.1 too. Safari and Chrome are ok, but IExplorer has the same behaviour.

Also noticing this same problem in firefox on osx and windows. Editing existing nodes works fine, but creating any new content, the body field does not save. Probably related is the fact that the 'Switch to plain text editor' link doesn't show up for new node creation pages, but is still there when editing existing nodes.

Not sure what the issue is, any thoughts?

Hi Having exactly the same problem on firefox. Chrome is ok!.
Greetings, Martijn

Same problem working on Opera or any other browser. Seems to be a firefox problem

should we submit the issue to firefox, and if so, where?

the problem may be that the FCK editor library is becoming outdated enough that newer browsers/versions aren't worrying about working with it anymore. FCKeditor library isn't really a viable product even for the developers who've moved to CKEditor.

Reporting it to firebug wouldn't make sense I don't think. Reporting it to the FCKEditor library may be if you can find a demo from them where it also doesn't work in the same browsers.

So if FCKeditor and even CKeditor are outdated solutions, which editor must we change to in order to get this right?

I didn't know that ckeditor was also outdated??
But I hear a lot about Aloha editor.

greetings, Martijn

'Show summary in full view' checkbox is also missing. But if you type some text to the body and change to "Source-view" and back to the edit mode the view is refreshed and the 'full view checkbox' and 'Switch to plain text editor' link are shown correctly! Sometimes you have to repeat this procedure.

If you publish the page after this the body will show correctly.

Hope that this helps resolving the bug. Perhaps some hook thingmajig or sumthin'.

This must be Firefox 15.0.1. related as our users started complaining about it this week and I can easily replicate the behaviour.

nice. this solution is perfect!

Yes, but not a correct solution. I do not want to have to do this all the time. Thanks for posting, but waiting for structural solution.
Thanks in advance!
Greetings, Martijn

I agree with Martijn. Thanks for posting this turn around, it helps, but this is not a proper solution. I'm also waiting for structural solution.

Thanks everyone!

I just changed to ckeditor and that one is working perfectly in firefox. Seems FCKeditor is just outdated.

maybe off topic, but drupal 5 don't has CKeditor. so, at this moment I have only solution#10.

Hi, no not off topic, lots of people still have Fckeditor. Please, please a solution for this which doesn't mean clicking a lot more and doing something else than typing in fckeditor.
Firefox is now more needed because of security flows in Internet Explorer..

I'ts not off topic. If you, like me and many other people, manage a lot of sites you'll probably face the same problem because some of them are with previous drupal versions. Also, as previously stated, our clients will raise an eyebrow (most likely) if we give them solution #10. There must be a proper solution for this..

Hi could this be related (on travel now so can't test it myself): http://drupal.org/node/1770728#comment-6473936

greetings, Martijn

I think this is related. It worked with comment and content body too. but solution http://drupal.org/node/1770728#comment-6473936 isn't the best because I need "<\ p>".

@ #17: I hate the fact that my extra info of the bug is now called a solution. That was not my intention at all. I'm glad if it can help somebody somehow but it is not a viable solution for us, we have about a ton of end users waiting for a viable patch. Just to clarify. Over and out. Please continue.

Greetings from Drupalcamp Helsinki/Espoo. =^^=

asennus1, we're on the same boat then. Sorry for used the word 'solution', was a generic term for that turn around. A patch would be great but the info provided later at #18 makes me think there won't be any.. Any thoughts about how we can handle this when you have a lot of websites with the same problem, gentlemen?

An official patch (so to speak) seems to be out of the question: http://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/9296

We tested CKEditor. The upgrade seems smooth and the settings are transferred. The Youtube plugin now involves iframes and is out of the question at least for us.

Is this than goodbye fckeditor, and hallo Wysiwyg (I would recommend Wysiwyg and then using ckeditor instead of standalone ckeditor!).
There is a wysiwyg 5 module, so then those guys are also helped, right?
Greetings, Martijn

FCKeditor -> Default (<- for example) -> Cleanup and output ->Enter mode: -> Set to "<\br>". It solved the problem for me. The Default value of this field is set to "<\ p>" and FCKeditor cuts a comment.

Title:Saving node won't display bodySaving node won't display body - SOLVED

Thank you goodghost!!!! This has been driving me nuts for quite some time. I was using FireFox 19.0.2 on Windows.

Go to Site Configuration >> FCK Editor
For EACH of your profiles, under "Cleanup and output", change “Enter Mode” from <p> to <br/>

#24 works for me, though its beyond me why it does.

Title:Saving node won't display body - SOLVEDSaving node won't display body

Reverting title since the fix suggested here is a workaround which won't be acceptable on all sites.

This issue may be a duplicate of #1770728: Can't post new content (comments, nodes) with Firefox 15.0+. The fix at #1770728-29: Can't post new content (comments, nodes) with Firefox 15.0+ is working well on our site.