I have a client whose full name is The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Abundant Life Parish.

They would like the RCCG to be the Site Title, larger than the Church name, which I've put in the Slogan field, but that text is much too small to be usable. I've tried changing the font but the size from what I can tell is fixed.

Also related, with such a long name the text flows over the menu, but there is a bit of space between the two since the title doesn't reach very far over the menu. I could possibly add the full text to the Title part, but that seems like it would be ridiculously long.


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Moving to the OpenChurch queue

I also have a long church name to enter. It wraps on the top and I am wanting the title to be on one line. I reduced the number of menus hoping that would make space but the title still went to two lines. Is there any way to make a long title just be on one line (it is 30 characters). By the way I am really liking this openchurch theme so far.

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Going to postpone this for the time being