PHP Fatal error: Class 'EntityCacheNodeController' not found in ncludes/ on line 7697

If I disable the module on a running system and clear cache, I get the above error

It causes WSOD


Me too. It was a development machine so I solved it by replacing the complete database.
If that is not an option you may truncate table registry_file; in your database. See first comment in

Priority:Normal» Major

Marking as major priority as it blocks all tests from being run on a site.

Registry Rebuild will probably also be able to help you if you are stuck with this issue, it's also just a workaround though.

I have the same problem after disabling the module.

I had the same issue here. The reason was: Memcached. While i had flushed file_registry I still got this Error. After flushing memcached all went fine.

In my local Terminal (zsh on OSX) I use:
'echo "flush_all" | /bin/netcat 11211'

to flush memcached.