Hi All.

We're currently working on a nice UI interface for Asset D7 module (http://www.drupal.org/project/asset). We would like to hear your opinion about the best way to do it.

As you may know Asset is an alternative for Media. D7 version is a brand new branch, using only the old Asset project name.

Would be happy to hear something from you.


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I assume this was "won't fixed" in error since there was no comment and it was done by the OP hours after the issue was created.

Cross-referencing #1906042: Include Media module-Media Gallery modues in Spark. Maybe a [META-issue] "Have a built-in media solution for Spark" should emerge?

Yes, unfortunately we don't currently have a media/asset management plan for spark that I know of. (I'm working in the Spark team). We are currently focusing on building out and cleaning up Drupal 8 features as well as backporting existing Drupal 8 features to Drupal 7. That does not cover media management.

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Add media tag.

scald would be a good option (like asset, but better permissions management i heard)

been using it and like it

Title:Integration of Asset into SparkIntegrate a media solution of some kind into Spark
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Re-titling this to be more broad, and marking postponed to reflect that we're unfortunately not really doing anything with this anytime soon. Our focus is on getting D8 out the door, then we'll circle back to media stuff later.