This issue is forked from the comments in #1239946: Embedded field collection items with a default value result in new items on save and #1662998: Create configuration option to ignore chosen collected fields when checking for an empty field collection. There have been many requests for the following functionality:

  • Using the embedded widget, field collection shows only created collections with an "add another item" button.
  • When no created collections exist, field collection shows an "add an item" button, and nothing else.

Proposed Solution

This was prototyped in #1239946-39: Embedded field collection items with a default value result in new items on save, but needs to be reworked as its own option for the new dev branch.

See also #1788228: [Meta] Field collection and required or default value fields collected issues and solutions overview.

#6 field_collection-allow-add-another-1788222-6.patch2.21 KBDaneMacaulay
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Added reference to the meta

I really need this functionality for my site, and I'd be more than happy to simply patch my local copy of field_collection to fix this issue, but I have no idea which section of code from the various patches on that page contains the removed prototype of this functionality. Could someone please point me in the right direction, so that I can patch field_collection to quiet the complaints from my users?

Are this and related issues going to be addressed, or has development on this module been abandoned? Without fixing this, the module is only usefull for simple use cases (it is almost useless if you want a radio select without a N/A option). I would start writting the code myslef if I knew that it would be reviewed and commited, if not, I need to find a diferent solution than this module.

Is there any development about this issue ?

I'm fairly sure that the underlying problem here was fixed in the December release (7.x-1.0-beta5), but I'm not positive. I remember being very happy to see that something related to this had changed for the better, but I can't recall what, exactly.

With the last version of Field_collection and Entity, I still have the problem of an empty field_collection show in my form when i have required fields instead of a "Add another" button only.

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attached adds setting to remove initial field collection form

@DaneMacaulay - thank you very much - your patch in #6 solved this issue for me

For single value collections the patch in #6 does not appear to do anything other than remove the field collection forms entirely.

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