There is logic in the handling of image assets for the various apps (screenshots, icons) that currently depends on the last-modified header from the webserver that might not be present ( in all cases. There is currently an error thrown #1763394: Notice: Undefined index: last-modified in apps_retrieve_app_image when it isn't supported.


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This patch will do a simple check to see if the last-modified value exists before doing checking against it. It also changes and documents the conditional logic so the "file" is altered if either information (last-modified or content-length) exists but is different than the original file.

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Is there a chance that $remote['last-modified'] could legitimately be 0 (not necessarily intentionally, but perhaps due to server misconfiguration, etc) in which case isset() should be used in favor of empty()?

That edge case aside this change makes sense and looks good to me.

@elliotttf - It is not possible for last-modified to be legitimately zero since the spec requires an HTTP-date ( which cannot be zero.

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Same patch, updated to apply against latest codebase

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Leaving as RTBC, since this is just a straight reroll.