I've installed a subtheme of Aurora.

It has Chrome Frame enabled by default with minimum supported version set to 10.

I've tried opening my website with IE 9 and 8. No Chrome Frame prompt appears.


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Make sure the page isn't cached, but I will take a look.

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The current version of Aurora is using the CFInstall.min.js method, which I like but am seeing fewer and fewer people use, so I may change it. OOC, are you on a 64 bit version of IE? If so, CF won't work, and the prompt may not show. Additionally, if you already have CF installed, you simply won't get the prompt, do you already have CF installed?

I've tried on different computers, including XP32 with IE8. None of them had Chrome Frame installed.

Sorry, i'm no longer using Aurora (switched to Boron) so i can't test it out further. Feel free to close this ticket if you don't consider it a bug.

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I think I'm going to change the way this operates because I can't find anyone else using the method I am anymore and Google's docs about it are crap

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The new method is in and fixed in the upcoming release.

Yay! Now it works!