MapQuest uses slightly different hostnames for HTTP and HTTPS access to its map tiles. This patch adds support for the HTTPS hostnames so MapQuest works on Drupal sites using HTTPS.

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Thanks a lot! Works like a charme!

Greetings, Filburt

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Thanks, patch committed.

It seems that the patch does not work in Chrome - no map is shown :-( In other browsers it works perfectly...

Cheers, Filburt

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I couldn't reproduce the bug, and it's working good, even in https.

See the attached screenshot.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Sorry, but I still have the issue - could you please check the following URL in Firefox vs. Chrome?

Thanks a lot for support!

PS.: If I deactivate SSL everything works fine.

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As for MapQuest the generated links to the actual map images are eg.:


As the http version of this is functioning as expected it is translated on https sites to:

But * has no valid certificate for these sub domains and also I get an error message (chromium on linux) if i click to ignore the broken cert.

Service Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
Reference #6.144a9f3e.1377946013.9e13798

I have seen browsers and / or different OSs react different to that, but in most cases it didn't show any thing of the map.

Conclusion: at least the MapQuest layer is broken because of this problem.

Even with Google maps I have had sometimes problems on https sites, but by now I have no idea what the exact reason was, o I leave it by that.

As this can really be a destructive problem on https sites and Drupal offers support for https, I consider this as major.

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Could you provide a patch so we can fix this ?

thanks !

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