Free fonts, list here:

An API would be nice, but we could start with just a static list directly in the module, like we did with Google before they had an API.

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Proof of concept attached.

The list contains just three fonts with four variants, and preview is not implemented yet, but other than that it even works.

(edit: works to an extent - Abril Fatface does not work because I confused 'font name' and 'family name')

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Second attempt:
- fixed css_family issue,
- implemented preview,
- reworked font naming more in line with that used by the provider (we omit 'Regular' though),
- moved helper function providing human-readable descriptions of weights to the .inc file,
- added some more fonts (manually for now, but I'm thinking about writing a scraper for this).

To do:
- implement handling of subsets (as there are two choices - 'default' and 'all' - at the moment, this could be a global configuration).
- implement some logging and such.

Work in progress, but it still could use some review.

Upon scraping the whole list (860 fonts in 501 families), the thing got quite huge (.inc file is 70+k), so I created a temporary sandbox for it.

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Sandbox looks good to me. I committed it.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.