Normally, order summary looks like this:

While editing an order, shipping line item is displayed in form under the products with editable fields - price and quantity. This feature is very usefull, because shipping price sometimes needs to be changed (for example, after a phone negotiations with customer). But if the price has changed, after submitting changes, shipping line element in order summary is missing. In example below, shipping price has changed to 50 from 18, so the order total value has correctly increased, but 'Kurier' (Courier) line is not displayed anymore. This causes the big lack in user experience.

Is there any workaround avaliable with rules?

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I can confirm this behaviour.

Project:Commerce Shipping» Drupal Commerce
Version:7.x-2.0-beta1» 7.x-1.x-dev
Component:User interface» Line item
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This patch should fix the problem.

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Title:Editing shipping line items on order edit formEditing line items on the order edit page causes them to lose their base price component type
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Looks great, and holy cow! It's exactly 1 kB! : D

Thanks a lot! It works in the latest dev.

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