I posted an issue last night regarding the latest dev release (October 1), so I had to re-install the previous version. In this version, my global and front page tags seem to be ignored. I set my canonical and description tags explicitly, and they are not rendered. Everything is fine at the content-level.

I'm running 7.15.


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Please let me know if the patch in #1784896: Overriding meta tags fall back to parent default tag value resolves the problem.

It did not work. I set my global tags, and then my front page, and neither work.

To be clear, global works for other pages, but the front page 1) doesn't inherit from global, and 2) doesn't work with values set in front explicitly. So, all is well, except for the front page.

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This was a duplicate of #1784896: Overriding meta tags fall back to parent default tag value, please try Monday's dev snapshot.

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Is that not the dev in #1 that didn't work for me?

I see you put one up yesterday... I'll try it...

It seems to have fixed the issue in my other thread, but not this one. The front page tags don't show up.

Version:7.x-1.0-alpha8» 7.x-1.x-dev

@vintorg: What are you using for the homepage, just the core 'node' page or something else? Are you using a base theme? Have you customized any templates associated with this page, or added any preprocessing / page build hooks to customize the page or html display arrays?

Damien, that's interesting that you say that about /node. We have the sharethis module running (on all pages), and it seems it thinks the front page is /node, but the front page is /. I have been curious about it. I tried to use Global Redirect to direct /node back to /, but I got an error about an infinite loop, so I disabled it.

I'm using the TopHit theme from More Than Themes.

I have not used anything special for the front page -- just what comes with the theme.

Some people solved this exact same problem by going into configuration and setting the site settings to direct the front page to "node." For example, here is one comment of many: http://drupal.org/node/1259462#comment-5798454

The solution at the link referenced above solved the problem for quite a few people, if you want to read further down in the comments.

@couturier -- I set my front page to "node", and that didn't work. My front page isn't a node (unless I'm missing something).

My front page isn't a node, either, but that setting still works for me.

Did you run cron and clear your caches after setting the front page to /node?

I did clear my caches and run cron.

vintorg, make sure you are using the very latest Meta Tags dev module released October 11. It contains some new patches. Also, you will need to make sure you have applied the following patch to Tokens dev: http://drupal.org/node/224262#comment-6443384

If this does not work, then it is possible your Top Hit theme is interfering (see #9). I would recommend filing a support request with Top Hit to see if they are encountering similar problems with the Meta Tags module.

@couturier -- I patched tokens, and updated to the Oct 11 dev release, and the front page still doesn't work.

I already asked the theme developer, and said the theme doesn't do anything with titles, etc.

I may have not mentioned the front page title is stuck on the Site Name that is set in Configuration -> Site information. I can't remove it because it is required.

@vintorg: Have you tried changing the theme, just to rule that out?

@damien -- I did switch the theme and everything is fine. I switch it back and it isn't fine.

I'm going to send this new info to the theme developer. Is there anything I can tell him, or where he should look, to set him on the right track?

@vintorg: I've contacted More Than Themes too, hopefully between us we'll be able to get this working for you and others :)

You guys are awesome!!!

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Waiting for a response from the theme's developer.

Hello DamienMcKenna, Dave and couturier,

Inside TopHit MtT theme Basic Settings (Home » Administration » Appearance » TopHit » Settings), there are two settings regarding the front page behavior - "Emulate Drupal frontpage" and "Drupal frontpage content". By enabling these settings, page template renders the promoted content displayed in the frontpage and the sidebar. These settings render (or not) the $page['content'] and $page['sidebar_first'] regions inside page template.

It seems that this issue is related to $page['content'] and Meta tags module needs always rendered the $page['content'] region. DamienMcKenna, could you please verify this? This is the only extra customization inside default page.tpl.php and only for the front page (drupal_is_front_page()).

Thanks guys for all your help

Title:Front page parameters ignoredFront page settings don't work on some themes (e.g. TopHit)
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Updated the title to clarify that it's a problem with the theme.

Title:Front page settings don't work on some themes (e.g. TopHit)Front page parameters ignored
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This should have been resolved by #1784896: Overriding meta tags fall back to parent default tag value. If you are still having the problem then it is a theming issue, please get involved with / follow #1800658: Front page settings don't work on some themes (e.g. TopHit).

Title:Front page parameters ignoredFront page settings don't work on some themes (e.g. TopHit)
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Doh, closed the wrong one. Also, changing this to a Support Request as it isn't a really bug in the module.

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This is a support request and is related to #1310780: Metatags not working on overwritten templates.

In short: we need a definitive answer for what must be present in the output templates in order to ensure that the Metatag output is displayed correctly, and what changes to avoid making in template files.

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Is any way to use the metadata module on page that I unset the content?

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@carajito: that sounds like a question unrelated to this issue. Suggest open a new ticket.

Actually, for me it doesn't work neither for my front, neither for any view page. I set my global and frontpage meta tags, but they don't do anything. I am using an Omega subtheme.

What other modules are you using? Some other modules conflict with Meta Tags so that your configuration will not show anything. Are you sure that you flushed your Drupal and browser caches after setting?

Using Omega and had the same issue as others with no meta tags for the front page.
Installed meta tags quick and just set the path based meta tags for path 'node' and all worked fine.
All other nodes are servered by the meta tag module.
Not the greatest solution but works for me.

Thanks @jonjob I was in the problem, I hope that this bug will get fixed soon.

PD: If someone is working with omega and context, don't forget to enable the metatag_context module.

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I've added a note to the README.txt file about this, see #1386320: SOLUTION: Metatags in front not working for details.

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Now that Metatag v7.x-1.0-beta5 is out am closing this to keep the issue queue clean.

Using Omega subtheme called Trace and had to use #31 to get metatags to display on the front page. Just glad to find any solution that worked!