I have been getting this error on Features diff pages for some time, but the weird thing is it's intermittent:

> ( ! ) Fatal error: Call to a member function set_display() on a non-object in sites/all/modules/contrib/commerce/commerce.module on line 362

A backtrace shows this is coming from commerce_cart_block_view() trying to embed the view 'commerce_cart_block'.

Could this be because Features is doing something wacky with Views on these pages?


Are you using memcache? We see the same issue from time to time and that's my best guess.

No, I don't have memcached on my local machine and we haven't set it up yet on the dev server for my current project, so it's not that that's causing it for me.

I am also getting this on occasion, but I'm getting it in Checkout, and any pages that display the shopping cart block.

I can fix it by clearing the cache.

It's inconsistent, but I'll keep my eyes peeled, and dig in if it happens again. I'll post updates if I find any.

Correction: I can fix it by clearing the Views cache. It appears that sometimes that Commerce default Views disappear.

When the error is occurring, they do not show up in the Views admin list. None of the Commerce Views do, so going to any page that tries to use one of them gives this error.

Category:bug» support
Priority:Major» Normal
Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Until we have a reproducible problem here, I'm going to mark this "needs more info." I've never experienced the presenting issue (Views disappearing), so I can't confirm whether or not it's a problem in our modules or another.