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Documentation for the LESS CSS Preprocessor module.

Built using the lessphp library by Leaf Corcoran.

This module will automatically process any LESS files that are added using drupal_add_css or added through your module/theme's .info file.

Add your files just like any other .css file, just with .less as the extension, and they will be automatically processed.


  • Libraries API.
  • lessphp library unpacked so that '' is located at 'sites/all/libraries/lessphp/'.

LESS Development:


File placement

If your source file was "sites/all/modules/test/test.css.less"
Then your compiled file will be "sites/[yoursite_or_default]/files/less/[random.string]/sites/all/modules/test/test.css"


The following two examples provide equivalent functionality.


= drupal_get_path('module', 'less_demo');
drupal_add_css($module_path . '/styles/less_demo.css.less');

.info file:

stylesheets[all][] = styles/less_demo.css.less


Should work with most themes and caching mechanisms.

CSS Aggregation

Fully compatible with "Optimize CSS files" setting on "Admin->Site configuration->Performance" (admin/settings/performance).

RTL Support

RTL support will work as long as your file names end with ".css.less".

Assuming your file is named "somename.css.less", Drupal automatically looks for a file name "somename-rtl.css.less"

Contributed Modules

Confirmed to work with:

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