The Mongodb Watchdog Module is inserting watchdog events as mongodb collections. This is in addition to inserting the watchdog events as items within the designated collection (which is the expected behavior)...

This is the entry I added to the end of my settings.php file:

# Watchdog
$conf['mongodb_watchdog'] = 'watchdog';
$conf['mongodb_watchdog_items'] = 15000;

This is the resulting collections added to the Mongodb Database (lower left corner you can see watchdog_event_7b8e.... etc):
Mongo Watchdog Sample

watchdog.jpg44.39 KBfreddura


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Actually, this is as designed. An "event" is actually an event template, one per collection, and the documents within it its occurrences with their parameters. The entries in the watchdog collection contain the text of the event template, which matches the name of the created collection. This allows fast insertions and easy cleans of specific message classes, as well as limiting the load of the report screen, since it only loads the message templates. Special care is taken for the ill-behaved "page not found" and "access denied" messages, which do not use the message template format.

That's one reason why I usually place the watchdog* collections in a specific database.

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