The taxonomy term and other vocabulary page titles are not showing what I entered into their page title field. The default page title field is what they displayed.


Yes i have tried this....when i set the page title configuration page for the term and set the token then the value entered under pagetitle field will not display infact the value formed beacuse of token that will be displayed but if you set off configuration for term token the you will see the page title for term pages that you have entered in field

I do not understand what you are saying. Where can you "set off configuration for term token"?

subscribe - same problem

It really sucks because this is importation for SEO.

I found a temporary solution. I've installed taxonomy_title module. But if you can resolve this issue I can unistall that module (do not support tokens)...

I installed the taxonomy_title module too, but how did you solve this issue using that module? It seemed to be disabled because of the page title module.

I had the same problem, then went in search of other modules and found metatag module which solves this issue and does much more.

I have the same problem with taxonomy pages - module settings doesn't affect on titles