Signup/signout & 'check if signed' up are available as Rule actions/condition #1593224: provide rules integration for 7.x-2.x
But we can't move users to a certain group yet based on a Rule Action.

This would enable us to put users in groups based on everything that we can reach with Rules like product purchases, Role, Profile, Userpoints, Link clicked, page visited, age, site activity, etc.

This piece of code seems to contain code on how to move a member to a different group through the Mailchimp Module (API):
and may be partly reusable

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Rule action "Subscribe user to a mailchimp group" added

It will be great that have groups property for list entity

Title:Ability to put a Member into a Group with a Rule ActionAbility to put a Member into a MailChimp Group with a Rule Action

clarifying title to make sure people don't think it's about Organic Groups

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updated with link to code that contains clues on how to do this

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It has been more than a year since this patch was offered.

Could it please be committed if it works?

This would make mailchimp significantly more useful within Drupal, since mailchimp autres in favor of having one one list and using groups for segmentation.

It looks like the patch needs to be redone to work with the current dev or recommended versions, as it was never committed and development continued.

Since it looks like the current dev is not recommended for production, if I produce a working patch for the current recommended version, would it be committed? This would be my first patch, but I'm willing to try. It looks like just the line numbers need to be adjusted.

Thanks jsibley for doing this. This would be a great feature to have!