The accessible markup on inactive facet links is missing a space between the link text and the accessible markup. So from the point of view of a screen reader, it will appear as something like "TextApply Text filter", with the first two words running together.

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Here is a patch.

Title:Missing space before the accessible markup on inactive facet linksMissing spaces before and after the accessible markup on facet links
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Actually it seems like for active links there can be a missing space after the accessible markup instead.

So rather than trying to figure this out exactly, here's a new patch that just makes the accessible markup have spaces before and after, always. That way it will work regardless of what's around it. And as long as the spaces are part of the accessible markup (and invisible) they won't disrupt any layouts.

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Hi David.

Thanks for the patch! Unfortunately I don't fully understand the implications of this, but I will take your word for it. As long as it doesn't change the layout, then your reasoning makes sense and I am happy to commit this patch. I would love to get some feedback from the Drupal accessibility wizards as well.

Thanks for the contribution!

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Looks great. UI stays the same, so I am happy to commit this.

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