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Added list of features to be integrated into v2

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Super excited about v2. One tiny note - you've got #1766224: Support for even & odd classes in Slideshow List? on the list twice. There - already one issue down! ;)

Any update on which (all?) of these are incorporated into v2? I don't have a good excuse to try it myself until Views Slideshow is back, but following this!

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Added another feature

I've been busy with other work so I haven't put too much time into FlexSlider.

At the moment, Views Slideshow is the weakest of the three as far as updated code goes. Though if you could test it out and report back any bugs that would be wonderful.

I'll more than likely release a stable 2.x once the functionality from 1.x is ported and release new features as point releases for 2.x

I'm excited too--and for the moment have installed v.1 on a dev site I'm planning to launch soon. Although I'm new to coding for Drupal, I'm active in local DC user groups, and working on issue and knowledge sprints to build up my chops and be able to contribute to the community. If you want any help, let me know...

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Removed duplicate

Adding a custom pager for flexslider_views_slideshow would be Really Awesome(tm) :) #1502526: Enabled Views Slideshow Widget: Pager

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Trimmed list of features

The pager support will go into FlexSlider Views Slideshow. I just have to spend some time thinking on how to do it :-S

Suggestions welcome!

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Removed item regarding views slideshow

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Updated list