first time Drupal user with limited CSS, HTML etc. knowledge but enough to customize this awesome theme.
But I'll definately need some help with the following issues:

1. I want a centred header-img, clickable to redirect to the Frontpage.
So, either I need to move the Header Block to the center or make the header background clickable.
I already managed to set the Header background Image to the desired logo, but can't make it clickable.
I followed this tutorial: http://ran.ge/2009/11/11/css-trick-turning-a-background-image-into-a-cli...
But no success.
So i figured the easiest way to do this, would be to move the header block in the page center and post an image with an hyperlink.
Which region in the layout.css do I need to edit and how?

2. Block-IDs - where to find them? I can easily figure out the different IDs with firebug but where are the corresponding .css files? Or am I complete wrong? Any help is appreciated.

Also, sorry for my poor english - greetings from Germany!



Fixed, I edited the #header and put a href logo in the header block.
Works perfectly but disappears on WP Blog Module created Blog Posts..