Here's the story : we'd like to use video on a Drupal7 website.
That website is gonna be used to show some video to researcher (we're a academic library).
Some video are heavy one (something like 1,2 Go)
So the prob is to upload them in the video field.

A way to do that was to made some changes on php.ini settings (to set a really high max_download in ti) but our IT team doesn't want to do that.
So my question os : how should I upload heavy video to a video field ?

Is there an FTP module link to Video, or something like that, or a way to get Video using files that we would have put on the server by FTP directly ?
Any help welcome, cause I'm stuck by that problem at this time

Any idea welcome
Best regards

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Install the FileField Sources module and enable the feature that allows you to select a file from a directory. You can then upload files to that directory using FTP.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I just try FileField with a 500 Mo video files - it looks working (I mean, thumbnail were created, etc) but when I confirm the creation of the node by clicking on "Save", got an error message telling me that the file is over the limit of 250 Mo - which is the limit of php.ini on my test server) :(

You are receiving that message after installing and using FileField Sources? Are you sure the field settings allow larger files?

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Yep, after FileField sources installation

Into the file setting, the max allowed files (Taille maximale de transfert) is empty - the limit you can see on the snapshot 64 is the php.ini one)

When I created a new content, using the File attach (see snapshot 65) I got File field and a message telling me that the size limit will not be taken in consideration but it is, in fact : no way to save the content :(

Category:support» bug

Hum, looks to be a bug : I've try FileField on another website without Video - was working there...

Version:7.x-2.8» 7.x-2.x-dev

I confirm, looks to be a bug : got that message "Le fichier fait 484.14 Mo, ce qui dépasse la taille maximale autorisée (100 Mo)." (The file is 484.14 Mo, which is over the maximum of 100 Mo allowed" only when using the Video type of field, the Video transfert widget, and Filefiledsources on that Video transfert.

Any help/idea ?
Best regards

PS : looks like a File Field Path bug... :(

PS : looks like a File Field Path bug... :(

FileField Paths does try to move the file on node save if you have node-level tokens in your file upload path. If you use a static path without tokens, perhaps you can get around this problem?

Status:Active» Closed (cannot reproduce)

I finaly decided to use video without File Field Path - work much better now..