It is not possible to display content revisions using the built in node revisions system, if you go to node/%node/revision/%/view you get the default node template output.

#5 ctools-n1820882-5-d7.patch1.24 KBDamienMcKenna
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azinck: that adds a whole new page handler for revisions whereas it should be super simple and just load the node with the requested revision ID rather than just the current one.

Project:Panelizer» Chaos tool suite (ctools)
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Moving this to CTools as it's a general Page Manager issue rather than specifically for Panelizer.

I worked out how to make this work with a tiny bit of glue code, which I've built as a sandbox project:

I'm not sure if this should be merged into the main module, would definitely want feedback from merlinofchaos, but for now this at least works for me :)

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How about merging the core revisions part of this into CTools and then submitting a patch to the Revisioning module for the code that requires it? If this was agreeable I'd then like some clarification on whether there's a better way of handling this than via hook_menu_alter()?

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This is the appropriate code from my sandbox and sticks it into page_manager_menu_alter().

Patch seems to work though I'm not seeing all panes, but this seems to be another issue.

Title:Cannot view node revisionsMake node revisions use the node_view display
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Clarifying the title.

This may need more work to accommodate #515518: Optional node revision task handler to override default behavior, I'm not sure yet.

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#5 works great. Let's get this committed.